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How To Become A Cycling Pro

How can you become a better cyclist?

Become A Better Cyclist, Faster

If you line up 100 professional cyclists and you ask them for one piece of advice, most of them will talk about the importance of proper recovery. Without enough rest and recuperation, you’re not giving your body a fair fight against the stress you have placed on it. Recovery is the key that unlocks the door to progression, improvement, and longevity.

Remember, just because you might be a "pro", does not mean that you are taking your recovery seriously – and if you are not, your body will break down. No matter who you are.

The Basics

During intense rides, the body is under enormous strain: muscle fibers are being broken; the heart and lungs are working overtime; the temperature regulatory system is working to keep you from overheating; the immune system is temporarily weakened; etc. There is a lot going on and your body needs to rest from all of this activity.

It is important to not abruptly stop after an intense ride. Instead, consider taking the last 10 minutes of your ride to turn down the intensity and allow your body to return to a steady-state.


Nutrition for Recovery

Nutrition plays a key role in the recovery process. Improper nutrition will simply not allow us to perform or recover efficiently. After a ride, you should consider the 3 R’s: Rehydrate (water and electrolytes), Replenish (energy), and Repair (damaged muscles.) The longer the ride, the more important this becomes.

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
Water will do some of the work rehydrating you, but you will need salts, electrolytes, and amino acids to fully rehydrate you after a long ride. Royalty Extracts BCAAs contain 5g of essential aminos in every serving.

2. Replenish Energy (Glycogen)
Carbs will help restore glycogen levels in your body that were used during the ride, replacing the body's main source of fuel for your muscles and liver.
Recommended: 1g of carbohydrates/ kg of body weight immediately after your ride.

3. Muscle Repair
To optimally repair your broken down tissue, you will need protein and amino acids immediately afterward. At least 20g of high-quality protein is recommended. Royalty Extracts Vegan Protein contains 25g of protein in every serving and Royalty Extracts BCAAs has 5g of essential aminos in every serving to help promote muscle protein synthesis.

Sleep for Recovery

Last but not least, without enough sleep, your body will not recover no matter how well you follow the previous steps. Sleep helps your energy levels recharge, your body repair itself, and boost your immune system. The body requires approximately 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep for maximum recovery. Royalty Extracts Royal Dreams help calm the mind while simultaneously giving you a deeper, more restful sleep. It is made of all natural herbs and vegan-friendly melatonin.

Check out our Lifestyle Bundle & Royal Dreams if you're interested in maximizing your recovery and taking your cycling to the next level.

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