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Why You Should Switch To Vegan Protein

Way Better Than Whey

There are a lot of misconceptions that vegan diets are not able to provide enough protein for the body to perform at its best. However, with proper planning, you can achieve a sufficient amount of protein from plant-based foods.

Vegan protein powders aren’t just intended for specific individuals undergoing a meatless diet plan. It is also suitable for active people who want to limit the amount of their dairy intake. A lot of athletes are into vegan protein products because they help maintain a cleaner nutrition regimen and lifestyle. At the same time, vegan protein can help athletes lose weight and build muscle without encountering any digestive problems.

Here are 4 more reasons why you should switch to a vegan protein:

⦁ Provides variety to your diet
Most of the time, we get our protein from meat and dairy products such as animals and eggs, which are often exposed to chemicals and antibiotics. If you wanted to follow a diet plan that doesn’t involve ingesting harmful chemicals, a vegan protein diet is your best option. It will add more vitamins and minerals that are not currently present in most protein foods.

⦁ Improves joint health
Minimal intake of dairy and meat products has been scientifically proven to improve joint, skin, and organ health. Overall the elimination of those products can contribute to the improvement of joint mobility, also helping reducing symptoms of arthritis.

⦁ Enhances cardiovascular health
Cardiovascular disease is one of the most fatal illnesses in the United States and most Americans are killed by disease compared to other types of sickness. Vegan protein generally improves and individual's heart health, boosts recovery speed, and sustains longer endurance.

⦁ Good for the environment
Animal agriculture is one of the most controversial problems in the environment and those converting to sustainable products are helping maintain a clean and healthy environment. As a responsible consumer, we should be conscious of our choices when it comes to selecting the products we purchase and use frequently. A plant-based diet can improve the negative effects of industrial agriculture in society today.

Transitioning to a Vegan protein diet

First, educate yourself on the practices of consuming plant-based food and supplements. Understanding the benefits can significantly add to your motivation to pursue your nutritional plan. Familiarize yourself with the ingredients. Our Vegan protein is made with pea & rice protein, boasting 26g of protein per serving, and is Gluten Free, Low Sugar, and Low Carb. There are many ways you can switch to a vegan protein diet. The trick is to experiment and find the best option that suits your preferences.

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Written by: Daisy Fernandez from Daisyfdzfit.com

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