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The. Royal. Standard.

Who we are.

Everyone loves a great story.

Royalty Supplements came to be shortly after our Founder Ramses Principe, a local Miami, FL online trainer who has help over 100,000+ with his workouts and supplementation advice.

During this journey he partnered with a local FDA registered cGMP dietary supplement facility who was willing to embark in the process of finding the perfect ingredients to formulate a series of products the everyday user can enjoy.

Bottom line is that we don't outsource manufacturing our products everything is made in house at our very own facility.

All these products have been 3rd party tested by Eurofins a ISO accredited lab, which also happens to be the largest testing lab in the world.

The goal when formulating these products was to help enhance the overall recovery and performance of each person.

We pride ourselves in making organic focused products with the correct dosages for optimal bodily intake.
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